Lab manuals for velocity and acceleration

Used in the Roller Coaster Course at University of Michigan, July 2003.

The lab was supervised by:
Kevin A. Janka <>
and Jesse Guzman <>,

Documents from the lab:

Ball Coaster: (html) (Word)
Taking data from a marble rolling on a model wooden roller coaster (using a model from Cambridge Physics Outlet),
Excel files for Ball Coaster data processing.

Gravity Drop Video Analysis with VideoPoint (html) (Word)
Measuring the g-acceleration of a falling ball
Excel-File for Gravitiy Drop

Projectile Motion (html) (Word)
Mesuring the motion of a rocket with VideoPoint.

Air Rockets (html) (Word)

Worksheets for measurements at an amusement park:

Non-Looping Roller Coaster
(html) (Word)

Looping Roller Coaster (html) (Word)

Free-Fall Rides (html) (Word)



Download data from rides at Cedar-Point,
taken with Logger Pro


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